Spring is here and with it comes kitten season. Shelters will soon be absolutely overflowing with cute balls of fluff looking for a new forever home. While you may have been planning to get just one kitten, here are several great reasons to consider adopting a pair!

  1. Kittens are extremely curious and crave constant stimulation! While batting toys and puzzle toys are great aids to keep your kitty entertained, there’s nothing quite like a feline playmate to tire out a kitten. 
  2. Cats are social animals, and benefit from being around their own kind. While sometimes introducing a second cat once your pet is older can be difficult, a kitten’s instinct to play with anything that moves makes it easy to take home two, even if they’re from different litters. 
  3. If you already have an older cat, getting a pair of kittens will ensure that the older cat is not constantly pestered and annoyed, and an older cat is more likely to accept a pair of kittens than a single one. The kittens can play on their own, and your older cat can have nap time when it wants to. 
  4. Kittens naturally bite and wrestle. If you have two, they’ll do it to one another. If you have one, they’ll do it to you. This can cause unwanted bad habits that last into adulthood. 
  5. Kittens who grow up together will almost always end up being close friends. While there will be occasional spats (as with any relationship!) having a close pal to help with mutual grooming, playing, and comfort when you’re not home can being tremendous enrichment to your kitty’s lives!
  6. Kittens left alone will often become lonely. At some point, you’ll need to go out, or go to sleep, and your little kitten will be bored, which can lead to trouble. Having a pair means your new cat always has something to do!
  7. Gender isn’t an issue. Your kittens will be neutered at approximately 12 weeks of age (your shelter will advise!) and once that’s done, gender won’t matter to them. So, if you didn’t know if you wanted a male or a female, you can get one of each!
  8. Finally, there’s the cute factor. Watching two kittens play together is one of the most adorable sights you’ll ever see. Their clownish antics and acrobatics are delightful, and, as they age into cathood, you’ll have the joy of seeing your two best buddies snuggling up together on their cat tree to nap, or, on the laps of their favorite human. Perfection!