What kind of toys should I buy for my pet bird? In the old days, people would give their birds a food dish, a water dish, and maybe a mirror in their cage to entertain them throughout the day. However, things have changed when it comes to pet keeping, and the importance of making sure our animals have mental and physical stimulation has become much more clear. We no longer go for the bare minimum with our pets, we now want to be sure they’re happy and thriving. So, when it comes to birds, what can you do to offer them enrichment?

Give them the right toys!

Foraging Toys: Bird experts all agree, foraging toys are a great addition to your bird’s cage, providing mental stimulation as they work for their food, in the same way they would in the wild.

Preening Toys: Have a bird that can’t seem to stop preening? While preening is necessary for your bird’s feathers to look their best, and to help them with molting, too much preening can lead to bald patches and health issues. The solution, preening toys ! These toys, generally made of rope, allow your bird to ease their boredom by preening the toy instead of their feathers!

Chew Toys:All birds chew, but particularly when it comes to larger parrots, chewing is a BIG part of their day. It’s also how they keep their beaks trimmed. Chew toys  give your bird something to enjoy doing through the day, and something to chew other than their cage, or your fingers!

Exercise Toys: These toys may look familiar. Exercise toys  are the classic birdcage accessory, allowing your bird to strengthen muscles and develop balance. Allowing your bird to have access to a variety of these different toys, as well as soft beds for snuggling, nesting material and a healthy selection of foods will ensure that you’re bird isn’t just surviving in its cage, but that its thriving, safe and happy